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Securities America, Inc/Securities America Advisors, Inc.
Individual, Personalized Financial Advice

Securities America, Inc/Securities America Advisors, Inc.

Securities America, Inc. is one the country`s largest independent broker-dealers and FINRA/SIPC member.  Securities America's representatives have offices across the country and they have built an outstanding reputation for providing them with the additional resources they require to serve your financial needs.


At Securities America, we believe that an independent investment professional is in the best position to understand and serve your individual financial needs and preferences, whether you desire day-to-day investing or long-term planning.  This is why we offer such broad choices of investment and risk management vehicles in our industry - including mutual funds, variable annuities, variable life insurance, and stocks and bonds, as well as access to fee-based investment advisory services and fixed annuities. 
Securities America, Inc/Securities America Advisors, Inc. follows a strict due diligence process to ensure that each product we offer meets our standards of stability and strength, and we choose products that will provide you the most flexibility when developing a financial plan.  We maintain an active dialogue with our product sponsors so that they will continue to understand and respond to your planning needs.


Independent financial advisers make up a growing segment of the financial services industry.  The term "independent" simply means that while adhering to regulatory parameters, these representatives have the freedom to operate their practices as they deem best - rather than as a large corporation may mandate.

"In addition to running their practices as independent businesses, Registered Representatives of Securities America, Inc. are able to help you select the products that can best serve your financial plans - not simply those offered by the captive corporate parent company.  As a result, their advice and guidance is tailored to your personal goals and objectives.

Contact the Securities America representatives at First Capital Management for a better idea of the role they can play in helping you attain your financial goals.